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Season Finale at Mount Panorama!

Our tenth and final race of the initial season of HFG Sunday Friendly Races will be held at Mount Panorama (Bathurst)! We will all be subject to driving the Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo on the mountain. The racing will have two 15 minute qualification sessions and two 30 minute races; one daytime sprint and one nighttime sprint.


From our organizer, Jacky Harris:

Everyone has fairly strong opinions about Bathurst/Mount Panorama circuit. It’s regularly one of the most requested tracks for leagues, along with Spa-Francorchamps. A circuit with rapid and extreme elevation changes, often with multiple corners in the descent, it’s not surprising that it is seen as an incredible challenge - or an incredible disaster-in-waiting.   In ACC the Super Trofeo is how one starts in the career mode, but it’s a car that rarely is seen outside that. SimGrid offers 20 minute races now and then as part of their Super Saturday event series, but the grids are never filled like they are of the superb and yet incredibly challenging Cup Car. Unlike the Cup Car, the Super Trofeo is quite easy to drive, with full Traction Control available to adjust to the driver’s needs.   The Super Trofeo is, in fact, a very capable race car. While it has less aero then its more famous sibling, the Huracan GT3 EVO, it has a significantly more powerful version of the V-10 motor. It is in the same class as the Cup Car, one-make-racing concept that is carried to other makes, such as the Formula Renault and Formula Mazda and some others. Single make races are the purest form of racing; with equal cars, each driver is challenged to compete purely against other drivers.


Be sure to head over to the Half Fast Gaming Discord channel to get involved! You don't want to miss this finale! Use the reaction bot to gain your sim racer role! We have 28 slots available for these races.


The races will be live streamed, by many drivers, and by the Half Fast Gaming YouTube channel! List of streams to be updated shortly!

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