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Welcome to Half Fast Gaming (HFG)! This Discord server and our races are meant to be a

comfortable playground for all involved. We want everyone here to feel welcome and safe from

harassment or abuse. Our goal is to have fun with clean racing and a friendly and pleasant

atmosphere. We can all learn from and help one another. This is not a place for do-anything-to-

win attitudes. We expect good behaviour on and off the track.

These rules are adapted from the SimGrid's own rules but are not the entirely the same. Changes

and additions are highlighted in red.

  1.  General Rules

    1. Drivers must have a stable internet connection. Drivers that are above 250ms or rubber banding badly may be asked to leave the server.

    2. Drivers must use their full name on their The Sim Grid profile.

      1. Drivers are asked not to use any special characters in their name as this can cause issues in game, especially on driver swap servers.

    3. Exceptions to any rule will be mentioned on the drivers briefing, and will only be an exception for that given race.

4. The admins reserve the rights to change the rules at any time although notice will always be given in the #race-information channel on The Half Fast Gaming (HFG) discord server.Driver Swap Races

1. A driver swap race is where each car is shared among two or more drivers. Each

driver is required to do at least one stint during the race.

1. Drivers must adhere to the stint limit timer and maximum driver time or

the team will receive a penalty.

2. Minimum and maximum team sizes can vary, these requirements will be specified

in the event/championship information.

3. The deadline for driver line-up changes is 24 hours before the start of the event’s

official qualifying session, as per the race’s schedule.

1. Any changes required after this 24 hour deadline must be approved by a

member of the Event Admin team and these changes may be rejected.

3. Driver Responsibility

1. Drivers are required to follow all rules as specified in this document.

2. Drivers are expected to review the #race-information channel for any rules

revisions or special instructions for their series/race.

3. Cheating in any form will not be tolerated and will result in a permanent ban from


1. Failure to report a bug/glitch/game issue that gives you an unfair

advantage can result in disqualification or ban from HFG (if continually

used to exploit).

4. Drivers are expected to participate in an ethical and sportsmanlike manner.

1. Taunting, trash talking, and berating other drivers for any reason will not

be tolerated and may lead to disqualification from the series or ban from


2. Revenge ramming, punt-to-pass, and other unfair behaviour will lead to

disqualification or banning from HFG.

5. Pre-race preparation: We expect all drivers to prepare in advance for a racing

event. If a driver attends an event and is clearly unprepared, the stewards may

disqualify them from the race. Information to be able to recreate race conditions

in single player mode are listed in the #race-information channel on the HFG


6. Drivers are expected to attend the races they have registered for. Failure to attend

a race without prior notification to an admin or by withdrawing from the race will

result in disqualification, and if repeated, may result in banning from future HFG

events. There is a withdraw feature on the SimGrid web site for each race in a

series, and for the championship as a whole. You are required to use it if you

cannot attend.

7. Race signups will not be accepted at the last moment. Any signup to an event that

is less than 24 hours before the event starts is at the event admin’s discretion.

4. Qualifying

1. A qualifying session will be used to determine the starting grid for the race

by taking the fastest time for each car.

2. Priority is always to be given to cars currently on flying laps. This means

that cars on outlaps, inlaps or invalidated laps are expected to give way

and not impede the performance of the passing car.

3. It is the driver’s responsibility to find a suitable window to set their flying

lap; approaching a slower car on its own flying lap does not give either

driver priority. Whilst the slower car may choose to give way in a manner

that is safe (e.g. lifting on a straight) they are not required to do so. The

faster driver does not have the right to attack the slower driver, as an

overtaking manoeuvre will impede their performance.

4. Use of “Return to Garage”is only allowed if you are in the pit lane or

entirely off track. You are not permitted to stop on track to return to


5. Driver Swap Series

1. Teams must not allow more than 1 instance of their car to join the official

qualifying session. If there are two or more cars from the same team entry on the

server at any time, that car will not be allowed to qualify.

2. Any of the registered drivers of an entry may qualify their car.

6. Race

1. Races will start with a full and assisted formation lap. If you have not

pressed “Drive” during the final 30s countdown then your car will be

teleported to the pit lane and you will be made to start from there.

1. The RTG (Return to Garage) function can be used once in the pit


2. The admin team must be contacted through the appropriate discord

channel if you retire from a race.

1. In a race that is part of a championship, failure to notify an admin

about a retirement before the end of the race will result in a

qualifying ban for the next race at minimum.

2. Consistently failing to adhere to this rule will result in

disqualification from the championship.

7. Flag Rules

1. Blue flags are advisory only; slow/lapped drivers do not have to pull aside, they

can stay on their line. Use Caution and exercise sportsmanship.

1. A blue-flagged driver is not allowed to defend his track position against

the lapping car and he/she should stay on his/her line.

2. Intentionally holding up or defending against a lapping car may determine

the application of a penalty or even the disqualification of the driver by

Race Control.

3. Drivers about to be lapped have to behave in a predictable way without

sudden changes of direction or track position.

4. Lapping cars can report a lapped car to Race Control for blue flag

violations if the lapped car has held the lapping car up for more than 2 full


1. Lapped drivers should allow a lapping car to pass as soon as safely

possible. Failure to do so may be considered blocking and will be

subject to penalties.

5. Lapped drivers are allowed to unlap themselves as long as they can pull

away after passing the driver that has a lap advantage.

2. Yellow flags are warnings of a potential hazard.

1. Drivers must be cautious under yellow flags. Be prepared for slow,

damaged or stationary cars on track.

2. If the drivers ignore yellow flags, Race Control has the discretion to

decide if a penalty is required.

8. On-Track Behaviour

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